Bank of Israel Site hacked by “The Moorish”

The Bank of Israel site was hacked yesterday by a hacker calling himself “The Moorish”. The Moors were black Muslim invaders of the middle ages (remember Morgan Freeman in “Robin Hood Prince of Thievs”?). “The Moorish” is allegedly associated with a group of Algerian hackers called Team DZ.


The hacker signs off by quoting Malcolm X: “I’m nonviolent with those who are nonviolent with me.” and a link to a YouTube video featuring an armed uniformed movement. The flags being waved in the video bear the Muslim declaration of belief, the Shahada (disambiguation), in ornate lettering.

“As an anti-colonial Muslim, I fully support the armed resistance of the Palestinians, Iraqis and Lebanese against the US and Israel. I am serious about the liberation! By any means rendered necessary!”

“This is the only way by which oppressed people can emancipate themselves than from the Zionist and American oppressors…the oppressors have not conceded to non-violent measures; therefore, their victims have no commitment to non-violent resistance…”


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