Israeli Facebook Pages Attacked by Arab Hackers!

Israeli Facebook pages with large numbers of members were hacked by Arab hackers and flooded with anti-Israeli contents.

The hackers call for the destruction of the State of Israel, the liberation of Palestine and directs visitors to harsh pictures of those supposedly wounded by IDF’s operations and to Neo-Nazi symbols.



Apparently, the attacks were perpetrated by Egyptian and Palestinian hackers, but it might also be that non-middle-eastern hackers have also uploaded messages supporting their friends’ actions.



The hackers hacked Israeli pages with large numbers of members, without having any connection to the subjects dealt with in those pages. The Facebook page of “Tipat Halav”, which has more than 17 thousands members, was hacked, and its profile picture was changed to an image of a Muslim child whose leg was lost in an explosion. A page called in Hebrew “I’m bored – plenty of games”, a games page with many children members was hacked as well and filled with hatred messages such as “85 million Muslims are ready to come and do what was done to you in 73”.

A Facebook page with 180,000 members called in Hebrew “Soldiers died for Israel and for us!” was flooded with statuses in Arabic and Hebrew translated by an automatic translation service, calling for the destruction of Israel, and with photos of Israel’s flag set up in flames and swastikas as well. “We can kill all the Israelis”, was written in one of the statuses, and there was also a message saying “The Egyptians will teach you a lesson you will never forget”, written with wrong Hebrew grammar.

Hacker attacks carried out by Arab perpetrators on Israeli Facebook pages and groups have turned into frequent and common occurrences following security or military incidents. Following the Marmara Flotilla hatred incident, many Israeli websites were hacked, and Turkish flags were uploaded to their homepages along with anti-Israeli messages.


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