Israeli Credit Card Data Hacked!

The Saudi hackers have hacked the Internet and unveiled thepersonal banking information of thousands of Israelis and also acquired the credit card details. The credit cards were mainly from MasterCard, Visa and American Express.

Today morning the thousand Israelis have prevented the Internet and phone system, approaching banks and inspecting 100,000s of credit card numbers and personal details which were spread on the internet by the Saudi hackers.

Credi card hacked, Israeli credit card data hacked, Saudis hack thousands of Israeli credit card details

A Saudi hacker from Group-XP has proclaimed saying that it had infiltrated a well-known sports website, One, and spread personal details of 1000s of Israelis, as per the reports of Israel’s Haaretz newspaper.

The Israel’s army radio Galeh Tsal reveals that early morning the number of individual people is in the 1000s, not 100,000s.

xOmar 0” is the name the Saudi hacker calls himself and he also asserts that credit card details, personal addresses, names, phone numbers and ID numbers of Israeli individuals which are listed on the sports website have been revealed.

The hacker has left a message on One’s website on Monday, urging the visitors to download a linked file of personal details of 100,000s of Israelis, which included the hacker calling ‘65 Zionists’, and descriptions of 100s of people donating to rabbis.

Haaretz, the hacker wrote, “We made up our mind to present the world a special gift for New Years- personal info of 400,000 Israelis.”

As per the website One, they were investigating the matter. Even Galeh Tsal reported that credit card companies have declared that customers do not require to be too much worried; all credit card numbers revealed have been blocked; all funds illegally used will be given back and new credit cards issued.

Thus in order to assist the Israelis in finding out whether their credit cards have been unveiled, a list of limited card details on hacked list have been published on Internet site room404.


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