OpFreePalestine: 700 Websites Defaced by The Hackers Army

Operation Free Palestine continues, the hacktivist collective known as TheHackersArmy defacing more than 700 websites.

In a video statement released at the end of 2011, the hackers reveal their main reasons for hacking websites from countries that favor NATO operations.

“Now, 63 years have passed since the Israeli Declaration of Independence and since then Palestinian children, women and men are being killed and murdered on daily basis, their land is occupied and their properties are confiscated,” the hackers say.

A Pastebin document shows that the Canadian, Turkish, New Zealand and other .com domain websites were defaced to display the hacker’s protest messages.

The hackers claim they’re not going to quit until their message is heard and OpFreePalestine has attracted the attention of a lot of hacktivists from the international hacking scene, including the infamous TeaMp0isoN group.

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