Saudi hacker posts more Israeli card details online!

The Saudi hacker who posted details of thousands of Israeli credit cards online, said overnight he had exposed 200 more and threatened to continue exposing the same number every day.

In a message on, the hacker who calls himself 0xOmar, posted two links including what he said were “200 fresh working Israeli cards” a day after an Israeli hacker exposed than 200 details of what he claimed were Saudi-owned credit cards.


It was not possible independently to verify whether any of the cards were valid, and there was no immediate confirmation or reaction from Israel’s main credit card companies.

The tit-for-tat hacking attacks began on January 3 when 0xOmar, who said he was from a Saudi-based hacking outfit called group-xp, said he had posted details of 400,000 cards online.

Three days later, he said he had published another 11,000 card details but it turned out to be malware that infected anyone who downloaded the information.

Israel’s main credit card companies said about 20,000 valid cards had been affected.

On Wednesday, an Israeli hacker who identified himself as “0xOmer” launched a counter-attack and posted the names, email addresses, phone numbers and numbers of 217 cards, of which more than 160 appeared to have expiry dates that were still valid.

In the latest posting, the Saudi hacker urged all Arab and Muslim hackers to join in a campaign targeting the Israeli military and intelligence services, as well as to continue targeting Israeli consumers.

“I invite Arab-Muslim Hackers to unite against Israel and join this war. I also invite great Turkish hackers which hack a lot of websites daily,” he wrote.

“I shout to Israeli authorities and people, you are not safe from me and Muslim hackers. We’ll fight all of our lives against Israel, we’ll harm you in any way we can!”


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