Hacked by Hannibal, Email Accounts + Facebook Data Leak

Hannibal, the hacker who is leaking tons of accounts in the on going cyber war between Israeli hackers and Saudi hackers. this leak has so far come in 3 parts and is said to contain 90,000,000 emails accounts and Facebook accounts that belong to “arabs”.


The leak started out on the 13Th of this month and is set to continue for some time now, we can expect a long on going war between these hackers as new ones emerge daily.


Frist message from Hannibal:

Wow .. What do I have to tell you …..
I did not like the shit “Arab hackers” did ..
I am very angry about it, Jews were the Holocaust. 6 million died. That’s how you behave?
Hell, you have all the territories in the world to live in, what was special in Israel?
Keep at it, things would not be good anyway.
So let’s move forward, my name is Hannibal Lecter (yeah right ..) and I am a Jew who lived somewhere in the world.

Well, I have about 30 million e-mails of Arabs.
I intend to publish it every day for 55 years until they’re available all the platform.
I do not publish credit cards, bank information and the like. Innocent civilians. Why hurt them financially?
I will destroy them with the online experience.
Want to contact me? Yes yes .. Forget it. (Hannibal@inbox.com)

** Note – Israeli hackers or anyone else in the world are welcome to send me emails+password or other stuff thus unite together and hit the browsing experience of all the Arabs in the world **

Download links —–











2nd message from Hannibal:

Hello world!
I noticed that many Israelis and Jews like the thousands of emails that I published yesterday,
They connect to their mail accounts, changing passwords, began to destroy Facebook to accounts from various sites, with the flag of Israel. That I have to say – I’m proud of you, keep so!
Today I will post 2000 mail accounts and Facebook combined Of Muslims and Arabs from all over the world, go work guys!!
I have fucking 30 milion emails !! every day 2000 emails!!!!
mail contact : hannibal@inbox.com

Download Links ———









3rd message from Hannibal:

Unfortunately much, I’m very nervous today.
What the hell is this shit, I publish emails tens of thousands of Arabs and Muslims around the world, this is the thanks I get? I ask you, spread this link address to a forum site, some media outlets.
More knowledge annoyed me is that media in the country of Israel as YNET, MAKO, etc write i hacked about 30,000 instead of 30 million emails. This is their huge mistake
(Maybe the fail of 2012 ).

I’ve got 30 million Emails ! 30 million e-mails! 30,000,000 emails !
You Jews, Israelis, are requested to publish the list of hacked emails at any hole on the Internet to spread awareness.
Do not get me wrong, I love Israel.
Also, I have details of 10 million bank accounts of Arabs from Iran And Saudi arab who are only available to me. If Iran will worsen the security situation I will have to publish them and thereby harm them of billions of dollars in damages.
Today, I continue the tradition and my promise, about 2,000 Facebook and email accounts of Muslims and Arabs. A new list from the oven: D
Go Jews and israelis, begin to destroy them! Enjoy it!
Do not forget to distribute the list of emails in any source, ranging from Facebook to the forums.

Download links —–









4th message from Hannibal:

(For more accounts follow me pastebin.com/u/hannibal)
Contact me : Hannibal@inbox.com
I have 30 Million Emails&Passwords of Arabs.
( Every day i will post 2000-100,000 Depends on my mood )
Enjoy it And Share

A warning to the State of Iran and Saudi Arabia *

In addition, I have 10 million bank accounts of the countries of Iran and Saudi Arab. If Iran continues to threaten Israel and already this week I will publish the private bank accounts and thus make them billions of dollars in damages estimated



* ZionOps does not support hacking activities against innocent people.


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