Israel and The Ongoing Cyber-War Against Her

Seems that 2012 is a year of the credit card hackers, with hundreds of thousands of cards being leaked this year already it has turned into a daily thing.


In what has been an on going fight with Israel, we are now staring to see Israeli based hackers taking there own revenge and attacking other innocent people and dumping thousands of credit cards online day after day.

ynet יצאנו לקרב. “גנרל” ההאקרים כותב – דעות
ynet נקמה ישראלית: “השגנו פרטי אשראי מסעודיה” – חדשות

Now with the credit card dumps it doesn’t really show or prove anything besides the hackers are greedy, not thinking right and they tend to be more personal based attacks. What they do not see is every time banks have to destroy cards and notify customers it costs the rest of the banks customers these fee’s as over time rates and fees increase.

Its also a worrying fact that people have been using stolen credit cards to obtain stuff online and like the recent incident in Israel they have been stupid enough to get the goods sent to there home address’s. Now surely anyone can tell what is going to happen when you buy stuff with stolen money and have a trail back to, you will get caught in the end.

A Message to all Israeli Hackers out there, ZionOps – Ask you to stop attacking innocent people and companies and start focusing on the real troubles out there like, evil hackers and hacking groups, who started this war, and stop causing extra work for the authorities. so they can focus on real troubles.

Wanna join a real movement?


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