0xOmar Planning To Make a Jihadist Hackers Group

0xOmar, The hacker who is constantly causing trouble for Israel has just announced that he would like all fellow hackers to join him and make a Jihadist Hackers Group.


Now this does no good for the reputation of hackers, and Definitely is going to get the blood boiling within governments. In a Post posted on 0xOmars forum titled as “New Method Of Credit Card Leaks” contains the below message.


As we have a lot of Israeli moles in this site and they notify Israeli banks within minutes and they block all cards in 15 min, shred them and create new cards, I want to make a group of trusted Jihadist hackers and share cards only with them.

From now, anyone with following conditions will be accepted to Jihadist Hackers group and will enjoy credit cards and we’ll purchase needed softwares and we’ll work together against Israel.

– Anyone with botnet and DDOS capabilities
– Anyone with Programming skills and bot development experience
– Anyone with hacking skills and bring some shells
– Anyone with access to Israeli servers (hack)
– Anyone who can harm Israel in anyway

Contact me via PM in this site, send me proofs, I’ll evaluate them. If I see your skills and your prove me yourself, you’ll be in group of Jihadist Hackers.

Jihadist hackers will share their credit cards, their shell accesses, their skills, their experiences, their knowledge, we’ll buy softwares, licenses, VPNs, VPSes for each other. We’ll solve other hackers problems and we’ll work closely together. If you have conditions, please join us to fight against Israel.

Will be awaiting for you.

Now really, this just proves that there is more going on then the public can see with intentions higher then just causing trouble for israeli’s this could put potential harm on many people if the wrong sort of information contuines to be leaked out.

Once again you can see 0xOmar is pushing for people to use stolen credit card details and as we have already seen in Israel this is a very bad idea and can end you up in jail.

Also as 0xOmar has been continuing to drop credit card details and as you can see the governments and others keep having them removed from the locations they are uploaded to.

But on the other hand, 0xOmar begged and asked for donations at his so called “official forum” he has started, so he’s he really holding real credit cards? does he really buy stuff from the internet like he brags about?

You can find 0xOmar “The Saudi Skid” forum here –


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