Interview with Hannibal, The Israeli Hacker who Leaked Tons of Accounts

Cyberwarnews has interviewed Hannibal, the Israeli hacker, this is what he had to say…


CWN: Do you at all feel sorry for the innocents that are possibly caught up in the dataleaks?

Hannibal: ** Yes and no. On the other hand there are innocent civilians. On the other Arabs are Arabs.

CWN: Is this purely targeted at Arabic people or the Saudi / Iran Government’s or

Hannibal:** It focused on all States an enemy of Israel, including Iran and Saudi Arab

CWN: Are You worried what the legal implications for obtaining and leaking such

Hannibal: ** No. I use that infrastructure in the most anonymous

CWN: What is your thoughts on “0xOmar” the said to be Saudi hacker who released the Israeli Credit Card details
Hannibal: ** Script kid, with poor intelligence.


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