Message from “Prx3R0”: Israeli Hacker Leaks Data and Warns Arab Hackers

Another response from an Israeli hacker, this time with a warning threat..


Original message –

Hello World!
Here is me, Prx3R0. you can call me israeli cracker or what you want, i dont really care..
I Say TO YOU, the end of this war not be very good for you.
Lets start with this, and read this again and again until you understand what i say here.

I Crack A many but a many sites from united arab emirates.
i Crack A lot of Databases..

Until I came to have so much data and i need to share it with all the world!

I Warning you, and i say again, i Warning you: Leave israel, And if not.. you be very sorry..
Let me show you what happen if you attack israel sites again.

First of all, i publish a MANY of ARAB and JUST ARAB Credit Cards.
Then, i deface a big pakistan news site.

And if it does not affect you, i publish a Details of thousands of civilians from Arab countries.

You want to try me?
It's just a small taste of a great amount of credit cards I Holding now..:

Full name: hasan ashobaki, Email:, Phone: 0531939581, Credit number: 4929682930012195, Expired: 7/11

Full name: M.Salah, Email:, Phone: 0507295767, Credit number: 4532573930623405, Expired: 3/14

Full name: zuhudu, Email:, Phone: 08033844835, Credit number: 4143110049739524, Expired: 7/14

Full name: hasan ashobaki, Email:, Phone: 0531939581, Credit number: 4929682930012195, Expired: 7/11

You need to thanks to me for dont publish the CVV number, I'm not really bad ..
BUT - for the world - you can buy with this in AMAZON, they not take CVV Numbers.

Now, i Publish a Hundreds of Details about Arabs, Phones, Addresss, Names, Emails, Passwords, Users, countrys, citys..


In more few days, i publish a Details About 3000 Civilians from ALL UAE.
Enjoy, and share it with your friend!



Source –

* As always, ZionOps does not support hacking activities against innocent people.

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