“Mesukan” Warns Saudi Hackers

Israeli hacking group known as “Mesukan” (Dangerous in Hebrew)  are throwing threats towards Saudi hackers.


Original Message:

Dear Saudi Arabia hackers, We are Mesukan – Israeli hackers association since 2005. We attacked your goverment site “saudi.gov.sa” because of your attacks on Israeli sites. If your attacks dont stop in few days, we will show more power in this cyber war.

Best regards, Mesukan.


One thought on ““Mesukan” Warns Saudi Hackers

  1. Since 2005…man, that’s like 10 years after http came up…and like 20 years after hacking came up. so they are not even hacking-teenagers yet. that saudi gov site still looks legit to me – when was it the “association” did this nifty attack? 2005?

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