Powersoccer.ca Hacked by “AlienZ” with a message to 0xOmar

Hackers named AleinZ, from the Israeli side hits Powersoccer.ca and mock 0xOmar.


Original message:

Hey World. We just wanted to make it clear that Israel is not alone. Just because 0xOmar, the script kid, got some credit cards doesn’t mean that we can’t do anything. Anyways, we are AlienZ. We will fight for Israel and attack any of it’s enemies! 0xOmar’s website was already DDosed and taken down, 20M emails and 4M credit cards of Arabs and Muslims were stolen (credit to Hannibal! Great job!), and now we will publish some information. 0xOmar, you are a little kid. Now stop attacking the only country that actually sends their enemies money and supplies so they wont die, even though they are being attacked over and over.

The target website, http://www.powersoccer.ca/ describes it self “Our mission is to deliver top level soccer training and instruction with the objective of guiding players to attain their maximum potential in the game of soccer.”, the data leaks have totalled over 13,500+ accounts and was leaked in four parts.



Leak – http://pastebin.com/YRb6ka5A

Part 1: http://pastebin.com/raF1yZHq

Part 2: http://pastebin.com/v9WPZyxQ

Part 3: http://pastebin.com/c76Lvu3e

Part 4: http://pastebin.com/G5Qa4W3R


(*) As always, ZionOps does not support hacking activities against innocent people.


2 thoughts on “Powersoccer.ca Hacked by “AlienZ” with a message to 0xOmar

  1. חמודים שלי, כל הלינקים נמחקו. בבקשה תנו לינקים אלטרנטיביים, אם זה לא קצת מאוחר מדי


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