“Union of Arab Banks” Hacked by AlienZ Group

Uabonline.org has been hit by hackers who have targeted it as a part of the on going cyber war between Israel and arab hack-rebels.



UabOnline is Union of Arab Banks and the account leaks consist of usernames and clear text passwords.

AlienZ message:

Hey world.
We have decided to publish more information against Arabs. This is what you get when messing with Israel. It was foolish of you to have started this cyber war. We are more intelligent than you. We are invisible. We fight to defend. We are AlienZ, and we are Israeli hackers and proud of it.
Arabs and anti-Israel hackers, you better hide. 0xOmar, we have nothing to say to you, we only laugh at you. We are sorry if we harm any innocent people, but this is war, and the only way it will stop is if the Arabs give up and leave Israel alone or when we find them.
Israel is strong!


Leak – http://pastebin.com/GTzx7Gfj


(*) As always, ZionOps does not support hacking activities against innocent people.

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