New Insight on 0xOmar Identity?


“Group-XP” members exchange information on the dedicated website |

0xOmar a.k.a JONNYFIVE is Omar Habib, 19 year old computer science student from Mexico (Moved To Iran). Omar was born in the United Arab Emirates, but currently lives in the Mexican city of Pachuca. He studies computer science at the university of Centro Hidalguense de Estudios Superiores Cenhies.

Omar works with 4 associates, and they are:
Muhammad Yunus – Indonesia
Ibrahim Hamoud – Saudi Arabia
Mohammad Al-Ajmi Aerjani – Saudi Arabia
Abdullah Subaie – Saudi Arabia



Websites: Emails:

Website Owner: Mohammad Al-Ajmi Aerjani Hacker codename “SamiHacker”

Omar Habib – Mexico, UAE (,,

Muhammad Yunus – Bandar Lampung, Indonesia (,, see also

Ibrahim Hamoud – Saudi Arabia (, P: +965.965.650.000)

Mohammad Al-Ajmi Aerjani – Saudi Arabia (, P: +9639.3233.8686,

Abdullah Subaie – Saudi Arabia (


Dear 0xOmar a.k.a JONNYFIVE and Co.

You are to stupid to be an “#Anonymous”, and you play with fire!

An “#Anonymous” will always use a VPN to hide his/her IP, but I guess there is no VPN service in Dubai, so we’ve found your direct IP address.

But we also traced your friends’ US IP address, which is

You should watch your back wondering when Batman is going to tap you on the shoulder…

سلام لك


3 thoughts on “New Insight on 0xOmar Identity?

  1. Wow. You guys are fucking retarded. That faggot 0x0mar is not me. I AM JONNYFIVE. I LIVE IN THE US. YOU DO NOT HAVE MY INFO OR IP. You are no better than the western media. Believe and spread. Fucking lamers.

  2. You FUCKS are so stupid… You do not even know what you speak of… I AM JONNYFIVE…. 0x0 is NOT affiliated with ME or MY CREW, ANONYMOUS. NOR WILL BE…. Some “Anonymous” member try to sugar coat the situation saying “We do not like Israel, but do not agree with attacking people for being Israeli..” BULLSHIT…. Israeli’s have the freedom of thought TO KNOW what their government is doing is FUCKING WRONG… Yet they do nothing about it… No Uprising… No Protest…. Just setting on ass…. FUCK THAT, AND FUCK THEM… Doing nothing is just like doing EVERYTHING EVIL… Also, consider the term COLLATERAL DAMAGE…. Or UTILITARIANISM….. If a few suffer for millions… So-Fucking-Be it……. GOOD DAY!

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