#ZionOps faces multiple “threats” from Anti-Israeli activists

While we cannot confirm the identity of the sender, we can clearly see that our actions are
drawing attention among the Arab activists.

According to some sources, ZionOps took part in bringing down 0xOmar’s forum and website.
The new post that was found on Pastebin, suggests that 0xOmar is planning a revenge on us and on Israel, by releasing another round of credit cards.


Original message:

 It’s 0xOmar from group-xp, largest Wahhabi hacker group of Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Arabia hackers of Anonymous hacking movement. THIS IS MSG TO #ZIONOPS - YOU WILL PAY ON WHAT YOU DID!!! you only deleted some my data, but i got more zionists credit cards!!! and i will release them!! 


* ZionOps encourages all so-called “hackers” to harm/attack us in any way they like, as long as it keeps them occupied from harming innocent civilians during this time.


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