#Anonymous Helping Time Warner’s Bottom Line Since 2008

Anonymous, the infamous internet group responsible for 97% of all internet truth and justice, has recently realized that in addition to those things they’ve also been Time Warner’s bitches and helped consolidate the company’s bottom line.



You see, when Warner Brothers released V for Vendetta in 2006, they acquired the rights to the image of the Guy Fawkes mask. That means they receive a licensing fee every time someone purchases a Guy Fawkes mask.

Initially that wasn’t a very profitable revenue stream for them because there aren’t many mask buffs around, but that changed in 2008 when Anonymous adopted the mask as its symbol and made it one of the most popular masks in the world.

Now, sure, it’s just a shitty $6 mask, it can’t possibly be earning Time Warner too much money. Well, “We sell over 100,000 of these masks a year, and it’s by far the best-selling mask that we sell,” said Howard Beige, executive vice president of Rubie’s Costume, a New York costume company that produces the mask.

Even if Time Warner receives only $.50 for every mask that is sold, that’s $50,000 just from one NY company. It may not be a significant part of their $28 billion revenue, but it’s still something. And it’s all thanks to Anonymous’ evil-fighting efforts.



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