0xOmer’s Next Message…


Contact me: OmriToter@gmail.com

Hi, If you have not seen me in the “CyberWar” regularly, it doesn`t mean I`m not participant it. During all this time that I was quiet – I took very details and information from Arab WebSites.

Hannibal posted email accounts, but I have a secret information…

The website that I hacked and I took information (Credit Cards, Secret Documents, etc…):

http://www.alrajhibank.com.sa/ar/pages/default.aspx http://rslf.gov.sa/arabic/rslfcorps/armorscorps/pages/default.aspx http://www.saudi.gov.sa/wps/portal/espp http://www.mofa.gov.sa/Pages/Default.aspx http://www.dzit.gov.sa/Accord/accord8.shtml http://mci.gov.sa/aboutus/default1.asp http://www.saudinf.com/index.htm http://www.moi.gov.sa/ http://www.moda.gov.sa/ModaEng/default.aspx http://shehab.ps/ar/index.php

And more than 50 biggest website that I believe don`t give you….

I have many Credit Cards, Secret Documents and Access to Saudi`s Servers!!! * I am debating whether to bring the Secret Documents to IDF (Israel Defense Force) or I will publish them!!!

* I WISH badb – The Israeli hacker return to Israel without enter to jail. I want to be like you badb! (Exept the attitude towards the U.S.A, I love U.S.A and Israel) 🙂 *

So it`s your last warnning – If you do 1 more step that Interfere to Israel or to U.S.A – I will publish all my informations!!!!!!!



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