3000 “Saudi’s” Details Leaked by 0xOmer

The leak is claimed to be from a dating website, which one we are un sure of so far but will attempt to find out.


The leaked data contains usernames, passwords and other personal information.

Original message:


Contact me: OmriToter@gmail.com

Second Time: FREE Saudi`s People Details! emails & passwords Included!!! * The emails and the passwords took from a social networking for important peoples in Saudia – mabye the passwords don`t work on the email\facebook – but you can try, I`m sure it match at least 1,000 details work! * The details took from Dating WebSite 🙂 *

Here a list of ~2,000 Saudi`s People Details! I have more than 7,000,000 Saudi`s People Details, It`s 11.5% from Saudi`s population!!!

(I remind you that I have more than 800,000 Credit Cards numbers 😉

If Saudi`s Hacker continue with the “CyberWar” – I will promise to continue too. If they stop – I will stop too!

I can continue all my life!

0xOmar disappeared from the world! I wish all the arab`s hackers too…


Leak – http://pastebay.com/303136

Mirror – http://pastebin.com/P77Rk2QW




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