Amitec – Top IT Innovative Company Of Israel Hacked By Hitcher


Amitec Ltd. was hacked by a Pakistani hacker that goes by the name “Hitcher”, Amitec is one of the leading firms in the Israeli information systems market. The company has developed an advanced monitoring and control system for industrial, security and renewable energy applications. Amitec operation in accordance with the highest international standards.


Ongoing Operation Free Palestine is not only targeting US & UK but also Israel. Today well know Pakistani hacker Hitcher also gave remarkable contribution in this mission. He has hacked and defaced the official website of Israel’s top most IT innovative company Amitec. He has hacked both the Israeli and English domain of that company. Hactivist Anonymous started this by giving threat to Israel Govt. Later a hackers group named The Hackers Army officially declared Operation Freedom Palestine and in this cause they have launched several attack 1st they hacked more than 1k sites later 700+ added in the same cause. Now this attack of Hitcher will surely enhance the cause.

Hacked Sites:

Some of Amitec customers are:
Israel Airports Authority
Elite International
Nesher Israel Cement Enterprises
Phoenicia America-Israel
Israel Electric Company
Omrix, CLP Industries
Vilmorin Group

Mirror Links:

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