UFC.com Hacked By Nazi Hacker Group


Sometime around 5pm EST the UFC homepage was taken over by a group identifying themselves as the “Underground Nazi H4ck3rGr0up”. The splash page featured a bizarre anime-style sketch of Adolf Hitler with the names of the guilty parties. Streaming in the background was some song so god awful that even Shazam refused to identify it.


It is believed that the hackers are reacting to the UFC publicly supporting SOPA and PIPA (which the government claim are anti-piracy bills).

UFC President Dana White brushed it off on twitter:

@rickycollinsman I’m I’m the fight biz not the website biz!! Might be a big deal to other companies not mine.

@ShaunAldred exactly!!! Lol, I’m not fucking e bay. My website being down doesn’t mean shit. I’m watchin FOOTBALL today

@BobbyKorom I could give a flying rats ass about UFC. Com


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