#ZionOps Puts Hot Water on the Gaza-Hacker Team

The recent defacement attacks from a Palestinian script kiddie community calling themselves the “Gaza Hacker Group” made ZionOps, as well as many Israeli hackers a little bit angry.


Since Palestinian infrastructures could be built only by a real entity, Israel had to build most of their roads, phone systems, cable, gas and electric lines and (free) electricity supply, while the only Palestinian gratitude for these humanitarian acts was stones and Molotov Cocktails on the Israeli construction forces. That picture is well known for any IDF troop that used to protect those infrastructure works.

Now it seems like the same thing happens on the Internet. First, let’s run a traceroute to paltel.ps, where most attacks came from. Legend :

Green : a random location in Europe

Blue : Israeli Bezeqint routers

Red : Palestinian Paltel routers

7 xe-4-2-2.fra23.ip4.tinet.net ( 6.986 ms

8 xe-3-1-0.mrs10.ip4.tinet.net ( 24.981 ms

9 bezeq-gw.ip4.tinet.net ( 72.545 ms

10 bzq-219-189-149.cablep.bezeqint.net ( 69.983 ms

11 bzq-219-189-242.cablep.bezeqint.net ( 72.451 ms

12 bzq-117-239-146.static.bezeqint.net ( 83.013 ms

13 ( 80.221 ms

14 ( 80.879 ms

15 ( 81.511 ms

The only Palestinian ISP is called PalTel, and of course, it is getting lines and up-stream connection from the largest Israeli ISP called “Bezeqint”. The fact that Israel even allows Palestinians to have working internet connections is a great example of Israel’s democracy and the will to give young Palestinians the necessary tools mostly for education.

Now, some “Freedom fighters” abuse those privileges, since internet is not a basic human right and other regiemes would probably cut this little media source long ago (Egypt, Lybia, Syria). However, despite of the Palestinian terrorism in real life and now on the web Israel leaves that media sources available (Radio, TV, Phones and Internet).

There is a nice proverb, Beware of cutting off the branch on which you sit.

ZionOps are pleased to announce that the following domains were taken down:

http://gaza-hacker.net    –> Host-Tracker

http://gaza-hacker.com  –> Host-Tracker

Thanks to everyone who wrote the abuse e-mails.


3 thoughts on “#ZionOps Puts Hot Water on the Gaza-Hacker Team

  1. I can’t say that I completely agree, but then once again I’ve never genuinely thought of it quite like that before. Thanks for giving me something to take into consideration when I’m supposed to have an empty mind even though trying to fall asleep tonight lol.. 455983

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