More Israeli Accounts Leaked by “Virus Kiss”


The most recent leak which was not so long ago is by “Virus Kiss” and contains 185 valid accounts.

Original message:

Has been breached on the accounts of some of the Zionists and Hebrew Hotmail and Yahoo .. Dedicated to every Arab and Muslim … ** Waited more accounts and victims of the Jews monkeys*** Greetings Akhuokm:\

ABU-ALASAD (palestine)

(Virus Kiss) Programmer


Funny enough they claim to be yahoos again and only 1 yahoo is found, leak contains emails and clear text passwords and its anyone’s guess as to how they have been obtained.


4 thoughts on “More Israeli Accounts Leaked by “Virus Kiss”

  1. Please help how to remove Virus 2012 Kiss I’m Polish, and by accident I installed v12 facebock hacker can not see files on disks, and vanished from my desktop and all programs zalkowane I like it remove please help greet

  2. Kruchy & Borko,

    I dont think Virus Kiss hackers got anything to do with Virus Kiss malware/trojan.

    But, we would love to help you clean your pc.

    Contact us by mail at and supply us a teamviewer, and we will help you.

    Best ragards,

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