“OpFreePalestine” 2,000 Websites Defaced by TheHackersArmy

Again, hacking rebels known as TheHackersArmy are operating on behalf of a LIE – #OpFreePalestine and keep hurting innocent websites.


The rebels group known as TheHackersArmy continues the #LieOperation launched by Anonymous and TeaMp0isoN not long ago, defacing more than 2,000 websites to reveal their protest messages against Israel in Operation Free Palestine.

Since most of the breached sites have nothing to do with Israel or Palestine, most of them belonging to companies from Peru, the purpose of the massive defacement operation may be that the hackers wanted to make sure as many people as possible see their message.

Despite the brutality of the Israeli regime, the world including the dispassionate and neutral Arab states of the Persian Gulf, watch the agony and suffering of the Palestinian nation with apathy and indifference,” the hackers wrote on the defaced pages.

TheHackersArmy collective is composed of 24 members, all claiming to hack “for a cause.”

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