170.000 Israeli Webmasters Leaked, Allegedly by “0xOmar”

0xOmar has come back and dumped another huge amount of accounts from claimed Israeli’s. We can confirm that the leak contains massive amount of data but we are still working on getting full details and validating it all.


The leak is really setting the fire off in the cyber war we are seeing grow ever day, the leak comes with with a message to “Israeli kids”.

The leaked data is claimed to come from area.co.il and has been added to many upload sites. the leaked data contains usernames, emails, clear text passwords and other personal information such as age, gender etc.

Original message:

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم This is a reply to Israeli kids, who have published Arab user accounts, Dumped Israeli webmasters' accounts from Area.co.il web hosting service, Include: full name, email address, phone, city, login, password... Target: area.co.il Total dumped accounts: 172.781 Active accounts: 24.671 Inactive/expired accounts: 148.110 Website list: http://www.google.com.mx/search?q=site:area.co.il + Forum users list + credit cards list Israelis are the most stupid people in the world. Freedom for Palestine. By 0xOmar Contact: om_0x AT yahoo DOT com Home: http://0xomar.freewebspace.com/

Leak – http://pastebin.com/53B2e3m6



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