Hannibal Got Owned by 0xOmar?

Saudi hacker breaks into Israeli hacker’s account, in a bizarre escalation of cyber attacks.


Well this is just getting ridiculous. As if it wasn’t hard enough to keep track of which sites Arab and Israeli hackers are going after, Saudi Arabian hacker, 0xOmar has added a new twist to the ongoing “game”, as he calls it.


Visiting Israeli hacker Hannibal’s Pastebin account, you’ll find that all of his posts have disappeared, including the ones in which he shared what are said to have been thousands upon thousands of Facebook logins belonging to Arab users.

All that is left is a message, supposedly from Saudi Arabian hacker, 0xOmar which reads:


It’s 0xOmar from group-xp

I don’t like what Hannibal did. The fucking bad Jewish hacker. Game just started (Hannibal lost already, let give you another lesson that you are easily defeatable)


0xOmar’s latest move in taking over a Pastebin account brings the exchange of blows to a bizarre and personal level.

With attacks growing among Arab and Israeli hackers, dragging more countries, including Iran, into the fray, and with the massive attack launched by Anonymous following the Megaupload takedown, digital identify theft and destruction has never been as big a threat as it is today.

The politically flavoured attacks that we’ve witnessed over the past month in the Middle East could be a forebearer of much worse things to come.

0xOmar’s attack on Hannibal’s account does indicate a somewhat juvenile or jokester mindset, and when combined with political elements which are far more confidential than a Pastebin account, it’s simply a recipe for disaster.



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