Threats From The Third World

Today, a very interesting, and we must say amusing email has landed into our inbox.

Original message:

Well, You must have heard about Us on different Websites ,blogs , forums etc

And like thousand others , Its Your choice. Now Listen Pricks of little ZoinOps , you aint no match of TheHackersArmy, We will take and each and every site of Isreal DOWN , your Cyberspace space would be Burned ,You can imprison our PALESTINIAN Brothers but you cannot imprison our hope. We will fight till the end, and we are coming to take revenge.

THA Optimiz3r Regards : THE HACKERS ARMY

We at ZionOps decided to look further who is that great evil hacker that promises to burn Israel’s “Cyberspace space”. Actually after a few minutes of investigation, we felt sorry for that poor group.

The first stop is Google, of course. We could only find one reference to THA on the first page, and it was their Facebook page. Why all those jew hating Muslims use Facebook, which was created by a 100% Jewish person remains unknown. Oh well, if this doesn’t hurt their egos, we guess it’s fine. Now, let’s take a look on the logo of this group, the guys were  kind to save the time for us and all the flags are already there :


Albania, Pakistan, Philippines, Malaysia and Nigeria. A complete third world parade. Let’s move on and find out where that Optimiz3r was from, shall we?

A quick look in the mail headers :

Received: from [] by via HTTP; Sun, 29 Jan 2012 04:33:03 PST

Pakistan Islamabad Pakistan Telecommuication Company Limited…The big cyberspace burner never heard of a VPN or even some free proxy. Ouch.

Now since we were almost sure that the life quality of his Palestinian brothers, which are occupied by the “bloody evil Zionists” is much better than the free liberated country of Pakistan, our next stop is Wikipedia. What we need to know is the GDP per capita of both Pakistan and Palestine :

$2,900 for Palestine (2008) and only $2,791 in Pakistan (2010). Meaning that the “evil occupation” can only do good for the Palestinians, and Pakistan would probably love to be “occupied” by Israel and receive free goods and facilities from it. Oh well, and Palestine has also a better economy than Nigeria and Philippines.

How is it possible? Israel is torturing them, isn’t so?

OK, let’s move away from the economy lecture and go to the second page on Google. Now this is an epic fail, as hackers use to say:

Seems like the official website of those script-kiddies was brutally defaced only last week by HaX.R00T. Very nice job. We tried to look on the website and see if we can also leave some nice words for them, but it appears to be offline until now :


You don’t have permission to access / on this server.

One thing is probably true in that (funny) email:

Listen Pricks of little ZoinOps , you aint no match of TheHackersArmy

We definitely wouldn’t threaten anyone the next week after we got pwned.



5 thoughts on “Threats From The Third World

  1. My IP is dynamic , not StatiC ,, each time .. i will restart my router ,i will be provided with New IP addresss 😀 ,SO anykid who thinks ,,they have got my IP , they will take out their NMAP scan for Open Ports are SUrely DUMP ,,Little PriCks : D

  2. Messege for zionops team from PaPa Hax.r00t

    Hi, the greatest son of bitchese “middle finger up” for you
    listen you bunch of noObs , I hacked THA for some personal reason and on that time it was closed too but i fuck there DNS ,
    its matter b/w Muslims hacker well we can handle it but by the way who the hell are you talking about us?
    stay away from us … better for you and ur cyber space
    Hax.r00t @ Public Places

  3. Perhaps, but your last comment linked right back to your FB profile, and your vanity means that one quick Google search of Hax.R00t reveals every single detail about you…I warn you, I am one of the best DoXers this side of the planet, and you definitely not covering your tracks very well

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