After the Sudden Rise in Cybercrime, Israel is in the Frame

A major portion of malware, has initiated from the country during the last three weeks (first three weeks of January 2012) during the so called cyber conflict in the Arab region, according to the news published by The National on January 22, 2012.


Kaspersky revealed that unexpected hike in cyber attacks corresponded to the visible walkout in the website of the two stock exchanges in the Arab world, due to which a vague group haling from Israel has been declared responsible.

The Director of Global Research and Analysis Team at Kaspersky Lab, Costin Raiu stated that previously, there has been very little crime originating from Israel but now, it had increased from none to a stunning hundred cases. This incident took place during the past 2-3 weeks of the year 2012, he added, as per the news published in The National on January 22, 2012.

Further, the hacker confesses that he posted 40,000 Israeli-owned cards online in earlier of this month (January 2012). He published 11,000 card details but this links expelled out for containing malicious software and was contrived to infect anyone who downloaded any information from the site.

According to Israeli main credit card companies, this attack affects about 20,000 valid cards. The cyber crimes which originated from Israel are supposed to apply crude “denial of service “methods, by which, targeted website are bombarded till they are crashed.

Especially, these types of attacks are typically not the symbol of refined hackers, according to Mr Raiu. He claimed that a mere 300 computers is enough to take the control of any website in cyber space. Kaspersky security companies identify malware in these computers.

Remarkably, the first attack during the year 2012 originated from a Saudi hacker, OxOmar. OxOmar managed to spread malware by taking control of an Israeli sports website, following which he managed to release personal information from credit cards of thousands of Israeli nationals.

However, according to Mr Raiu, augmented activities in malware were noticed to make use of the servers in Israel. According to the news published in The Nationals dated January 22, 2012, it’s unusual to see it in Israel. Whereas, many of the malware make use of servers in Israel, the malware activity is also connected to server in Estonia and Ukraine, which in other words increases the probability of hackers from other countries being connected to the attacks.



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