AlienZ are back, with more Sites and more Leaks

AlienZ just informed us about couple of sites they hacked.


Original message:

We’re back! First things first, some “hackers” claimed to have hacked and defaced some websites that were actually hacked by us (AlienZ) first. Not cool. We deserve the credit.

Also, we are very glad to say that many people asked to join us. One of them is Mr_israel who helped us hack: (Al Masraf Bank)

Another person, who prefers to stay anonymous, gave us quite a few sites to hack and most of this info is here thanks to him. Once again, if anyone would like to help us please contact us at We are AlienZ, and we will fight for Israel!

Want to help? Contact

http://www.arbift.com (we hacked the site – – – admin: username password admin admin – Admin log in: superadmin pass: depo26sep

Now I’m gonna go to sleep. ZzZzZzZzz Oh yeah.. We are AlienZ!!!


Leak –


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