“Gaza Hacker Team” Hacked and Defaced 127 Israeli Sites

GHT hits again, this time in name of “Sheikh Khader Adnan” freedom.


Translated message:

Death to Israel, Death to Israel, Death to Israel מוות לישראל, מוות לישראל, מוות לישראל

And the end say: “Those who fight a war can be avoided,

While not mistaken more than fighting a war, imposed on him? And can not be avoided!

# If the freedom of your words to her Adabott,,, Felttsa hearts of freedom of our actions #

The war goes on for the last Zionist on the land of beloved Palestine


Gaza Hacker Team

Mr.Le0n / Claw / Casper

Ab0-M3az , LiTo, anger, ehabneo, FOXY, gl 7, Marvel, mr.stalin, Mr_AnarShi-T, The Matrex, MR.TOPS, TKL, the winds of victory, Pirates of Gaza

Courtesy of the Pirates of the Gaza team Captive to the struggling Sheikh, “Adnan al-Khader”

We ask God to be beside you and lifting Osark



Defacement mirror – http://pastehtml.com/view/bngtyf0j5.html

GHT Defacments – http://zone-h.org/archive/notifier=Gaza%20Hacker%20Team

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