Iran + China = Best Friends, Forever?


We are naïve not to see the new cyber BFF relationship between these two countries. Iran feigns that relations between the two countries are “cordial”, but it’s complicated.

Iran has spent billions of dollars in it new digital infrastructure and China’s Huawei corporation is taking a big chunk of the cyber dollars as we seen with the US investigations into the company.

Last year China was accused of a number of cyber attacks of espionage and Intelligence gathering and now they are transferring that hacking knowledge to the Iranians.


The “Iranian Cyber Army” had hacked a few popular social networking site and claimed their dominance in the cyber world but this was mainly a few Iranians militants now with the purchase of the new equipment the real Iranian Cyber Army is getting it’s feet wet.

Iran was accused of hacking in Voice of America Farsi website, Twitter as well as Baidu, Dutch government-funded Radio Zamaneh, which also broadcasts in Farsi. My only question is did they go after China’s Baidu.

The biggest hacking by the Iranian CYber Army was Comodo Group. This was the Dutch certificate authority that the hacker created 9 major fraudulent certificates sites for companies like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Skypes and Mozilla. The names say it all these were speculated to be used by the Iranians to monitor it’s own people.

Chinese agents who began work for the Iranian regime in early 2011, are providing Tehran with significant intelligence information. The Iranian officers who were assigned to contact the Chinese agents are using aliases and claim to be businessmen from other countries.

China, which imports 11 percent of its oil from Iran thinks it OK for a little spying (between BFF’s) going as long as they can do the same with Iranians agent recruitment by China.

With the re-election of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in March 2, 2012 The Iranian cyber polices will certainly be on the lookout for the protesters that are guarantee to protest empowered by the Arab Spring last year. China will do it’s best to keep the U.N sanctions as open as possible during this time-frame, for Iran as long as trade and their mutual enemies keep hammering them in cyberspace. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Last year a PBS and Frontline published the activities of Iran’s Cyber Army have attracted growing notice in the Iranian and international media. The suspicion that the Cyber Army’s constituent hacker groups are connected to the Iranian government was strengthened when, after several sites were hacked, they issued warnings to the Green Movement.

The scope of the measures taken by the Cyber Army discredits the theory that a group of Ahmandinejad’s admirers spontaneously carried out such acts. The nature of their communications and of the sites targeted for attack indicate that there are hidden hands (China mAyBe) that support the Cyber Army.

Let’s hope this BFF relations comes to an end soon.




PBS – Frontline – Pulling the Strings of the Net: Iran’s Cyber Army

Iran Cyber-Army Strikes Digital Certificate Authority COMODO

Irans President Official web site hacked

Cyber recruiting: The Shifting Digital Sands of Online Jihad



One thought on “Iran + China = Best Friends, Forever?

  1. I like the old Persian culture, before the Arabs invaded, but the Islamic Republic of today…most Chinese people do NOT at all support; most of us look down on colonized nations who lose indigenous culture. We still love and support the Iranian people though.

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