T-Mobile site hacked

Details are sketchy, but it appears a fine chap by the name of @Chriss10011 has done the impossible and hacked into T-Mobile’s site, The Big Dance and leaked the data onto…you guessed it! Pastebin. We just love that site…

And I quote from this paste:

We have more info on the Site follow @Chriss10011 if you want me to release the other half, It has the vounteers which can change the info of the site which can lead to a Defacement.

This leak was brought to you by @Chriss10011 from TheAdipiscing and #Lulzr00t

Look what T-Mobile has done, it has already been Leaked and HaCked by Teamp0isoN and now we are finishing the deed, There will be no comeback.

Your shit iz Belong to us <3.




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