Israel claims Anonymous Video by Iran Agents

Much consternation and nervous navel gazing has broken out amongst the Jewish community recently, due to the on-going cyber- attacks against Israeli websites.


A Jerusalem Post article yesterday claimed, that the recent Anonymous video (Message to the state of Israel) is the work of Iranian agents. Yet they have not a single shred of evidence for their groundless suppositions. The author of this article is Dr Andre Oboler; holds a PhD in Computer Science from the UK and completed a postdoctoral fellowship in political science in Israel.

Dr Andre Oboler is an ‘Expert in Social Media’. Just yesterday I caught Dr Obler busy on twitter trying to ‘de-legitimise’ the Anonymous movement. Here Dr Obler tells his Zionist chums that the Anonymous video is a fake and he repeats that old paranoid lie – ‘Wipe Israel off the Map’ . I also observed him trying to convince hackers that the video was a fake.

Threat to wipe #Israel off Internet, sounds like #Iran not @Daroff @CiFWatch @jnewsreader @RustyMikeRadio @haivri ..source

Also the video has the same intro sequence as other Anonymous videos, which indicates it is genuine video from Anonymous. But he continued..

@mobius1ski this new video was not part of #OpFreePalestine it had different goals, clearly stated – compare them

The truth is protesters; hacktivists and activists have been realizing in ever greater numbers that the real global enemy is Zionism. This can be easily demonstrated by numerous abuses and UN resolutions against Israel.

I can’t really be bothered with a step-by-step refutation of the paranoid Jerusalem Post’s article. But it does show that Israel is becoming increasingly twitchy (even more than usual) about these cyber attacks.

Also another Hasbara outfit has emerged recently:- ZionOops, I mean ZionOps – Counterhack Cyber Intelligence. This website is championing the Zionist cause on the internet and comes filled with anti-Palestine propaganda & jingoistic chest thumping hasbara. They openly mock the notion of Palestine and maintain it is a fictional state that never really existed.

They watch and monitor other hacktivists, keyphrases and hashtags. I have observed ZionOps hijacking various hashtags. What Zionops are doing is trying to hijack the #OpFreePalestine hashtag which was being used by hacktivists and put their own misinfo out.

For example..

#OpFreePalestine #OpLiePalestine ~ source

@sinn189 @QSPhotographer@RubiconRiaz @indicahybrid READ IT AND WEEP

What we see here is Israels response to Hactivist attacks against its interests.
They have taken the folowing action to counter these ‘cyber threats’.

  • They are trying to create their own Zionist Hacker Army – Zionops.
  • Experts like Dr Obler to hasbaraducate them to the Zio-truth.
  • Undercover Zionist hackers monitoring others.
  • Trolling, Threats and smears of ‘holocaust denier’ etc to critics & supporters.
  • Using social media to anticipate hack attacks.
  • Hijacking and subverting social media to their own aims.
  • Probable undercover infiltration of hacker groups

Why is all this significant. Well the next big hacker event against Israel and its allies is planned for Tuesday 14th of February, TOMORROW.

Something to look forward to anyway. Lulz galore.  Watch this space…



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