Justice ministry website hacked again

Screengrab of the hacked justice ministry websiteFor the second time this month, hackers claiming to be from the international Anonymous network hacked the Greek justice ministry’s website in the early hours of Wednesday.

A text uploaded to the site demanded the release of an 18-year-old boy arrested on Monday and withdrawal of charges against two other high-school pupils, aged 16 and 17, all of whom are accused of being involved in the first hacking.

Police believe the trio belong to the Greek Hacking Scene (GHS) group claimed responsibility for the first attack on the ministry’s website on February 2.

Police said it was first major case of digital vandalism in Greece.

The text also said that the three had nothing to do with the first hacking.

"The GHS kids had nothing to do with this site. Free them, you’re making a big mistake, this was done by the Anonymous and not by the GHS kids", the message pasted to the ministry site said.

It then addressed the citizens of Greece, saying that they have been deprived of every right to dignity with the handing over of the country to the IMF and the bankers, that democracy in Greece died the moment a government that was not been elected by the people took over the governance of the country, and warned that for every article of the shameful austerity bill that will be passed, Anonymous will shut down the a tax office system and delete the registered debts of citizens.

Police officials have expressed belief that the most recent attack on the justice ministry website was made by the same group, GHS. (AMNA)

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