Wikileak Publishes 5 Million Hacked E-mails From Stratfor

Wikileaks has begun publishing 5 million e-mails from Stratfor, the Global Intelligence Company described by Barons as the Shadow CIA.

At 00:01 GMT on 27 February 2011, Wikileaks started publishing the confidential e-mail communications between Stratfor and its informants which includes government employees, government agencies and corporations.

In a press release, the inner workings of Stratfor are described, painting a world where the government, corporations and Stratfor are intertwined.

Anti-Sec, part of Anonymous, proclaimed late in December 2011 that they had hacked into Stratfor and had managed to gain access to subscriber data. In a press release, Anti-Sec stated that the main reason they hacked into Stratfor was not for the subscriber data, but the trove of 5 million e-mail data, which would reveal the inner working of Stratfor and government agencies. It seems that it is these e-mails that are now being leaked by Wikileaks.

The latest leak from Wikileaks is bound to raise uncomfortable questions. One needs to ask, why did Anti-Sec decide to give this data to Wikileaks rather than release it themselves as they usually do with other data? Is there – some may question – a connection between Wikileaks and Anti–Sec? On the other hand, some may ask whether Anti-Sec is a covert operation which has decided to leak this information to Wikileaks precisely so that individuals can make these connections and raise these questions, with the ultimate aim of tarnishing the reputation of Wikileaks further.

We do not know. What is certain is that this latest revelation is bound to be extremely revealing.



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