DA who subpoenaed Twitter for information is hacked

Publishing of personal data believed in retaliation for investigation of online attack

The personal information of Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel F. Conley was leaked on the Web Friday, a security and privacy breach perpetrated by a "pOisAnON," a merger of Team Poison and Anonymous hackers.

In a Pastebin post, the hackers published Conley’s work address and work phone, home address, home phone and the names of his wife and children.

Conley drew the hackers’ attention when, on Dec. 14, he subpoenaed Twitter, requesting the subscriber information for the accounts associated with the names or hashtags of "Guido Fawkes," "@pOisAnON", "@OccupyBoston," "#d0xcak3" and "#BostonPD."

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The subpoena was needed to assist Boston law enforcement in an "ongoing criminal investigation" against parties allegedly involved in attacks against the Boston Police Department website and a police union site during the Occupy Boston demonstrations last fall.

On Wednesday, Twitter handed over the subscriber information for @pOisAnON, an account associated with the name Guido Fawkes, Boston.com reported. ("Guido Fawkes" is a colloquial play on Guy Fawkes, the historical figure and masthead for the Anonymous hacktivists.)

The ACLU challenged the legality of the Twitter subpoena; in a statement obtained by MSNBC, Peter Krupp, the cooperating attorney for the ACLU of Massachusetts, said the ACLU believes the subpoena exceeded the scope of the administrative subpoena statute and "infringed our client’s rights under the first amendment."

The ACLU was told it has no standing and that the case cannot be challenged any further.


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