Hackers, crackers…and Chris Chaney

It looks like the world is finally realizing that ‘hacking’ into email accounts is not in the exclusive domain of four-eyed geeks, so maybe they will stop blaming us for the actions of bored, anti-social, pizza-eating internet vandals. Perhaps because it’s become quite apparent just how easily someone with minimal computer knowledge gained access to many celebrities’ email accounts, downloaded all their personal data, and became known as “The Hollywood Hacker”. Ironic, since it’s thanks to Hollywood that these vandals are branded hackers in the first place, giving our community a bad name. Just for the record, without hackers, internet wouldn’t exist. Nor would Linux, Unix, Apple or Windows. Oh, and YouTube, Google, GPS, cellphones…You get where I’m going.Christina

Maybe the ease in which Chris Chaney gained access to their accounts, and his complete lack of any kind of computer knowledge, will finally bring celebrities to their senses. Seriously, you’d think they’d learn their lesson and realize emailing nude photos of yourself to your boyfriend never ends well? Or that when you’re a celebrity, having your pet’s name as your password or recovery question is somewhat short of a stroke of genius, considering anyone can look it up on imdb?

So next time a celebrity gets nudejacked, you won’t find me feeling sorry for the poor thing, because he or she was either trying to get hacked, or the dumbest celeb in Hollywood. And that’s no easy feat.


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