With friends like Obama…

Some facts to consider:
1. Israel is the only Democracy in the Middle East.
2. Therefore, is a vital ally to America.
3. Obama has made friends with the Islamic Brotherhood, an undisputed terrorist movement.
4. Obama is therefore a threat America’s most crucial ally.
5. Peace talks aren’t working because you can’t make peace with someone who’s only desire is to wipe you off the map.
6. Iran has openly declared Israel as their first target.
7. Iran are well on their way to achieving their goal.
8. Sanctions on Iran are hurting the Economy, but their government doesn’t care.
9. Therefore, sanctions are NOT working.
10. America and the rest of the world are not safe from Iran nukes.
11. Denying this means you’re living in a bubble.
12. Obama IS denying this, therefore is either living in a bubble or knows the truth and is trying to bring America down.
13. Mitt Romney has no illusions regarding Iran and Islamic terrorists. Therefore, for all of his so-called flaws, is still the better alternative.

America, if you think that the only country in danger from Iran nukes is Israel, then you’ve learned nothing from 9/11.
World, if you think Iran’s threats to take over the world are madman’s raves and not to be believed, then you’ve just underestimated a madman, and have learned nothing from WWII.

If you think my conclusions are wrong, reference the fact you disagree with, alongside conclusive proof that it is incorrect. If you just attack without countering with facts, then you’re supporting Romney by proving that Obama supporters don’t know a thing.

5 thoughts on “With friends like Obama…

  1. Hi, even I agree with you in almost everything, your fact number 8 does not seems real. I think iranian’s government IS worried about their economy as this could lead to massive protests and, eventually, a change of the regime.
    At least this is what me and many democrats believes (note that this does not implies that I am democrat supporter).

    1. Perhaps we have their government worried, and I hope this is the case, however, I think that with their mentality, this will just strengthen their resolve. Just google “Khamenei Sanctions”. He’s claiming that the west won’t lift the sanctions if they drop their nuclear bid. That is a typical 3-year-old’s self-justification for continuing to do something that is clearly not in his interests.

  2. Fact 8 is not accurate. They need economic stability to maintain the current regime, no government (neigher dictatorships) can survive in a devastated economy.

  3. RE: Fact 8

    Iranians are fiercely nationalistic, and I don’t think that the assumption that a crippled economy due to anti-nuke sanctions will bring down the regime is a correct one.
    The IR public can simply say “screw the west, it is our god-given right to have nukes” etc etc and stand by the regime.

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